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power cord Performance

power cord Performance
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The conclusion that all audio devices perform only as well as their connections let them do it, is becoming more and more accepted. That confirms to interconnectings, as well as to the power connections. The easy audible tonal improvement, created by the “Performance” AC power cord will demonstrate this very impressively.

“Performance” stands up for the top line in power connections. It is the most extensive high-quality power connection ever made by FISCH Audiotechnik. Many years of experience in the field of line-filter-technique and cable construction has led to this outstanding series of power cables. Only a small amount of all the innovations are visible.

The most noticeable parts of the “Performance” AC power cords are the various filter-elements. Up to nine different ferrite-cores are used to archive a broadband high frequency damping. Only the combination of the chosen ferrite-cores makes this exceptional broadband filtering possible. The filtering starts at relatively low frequencies and is still noticeable at more than a Gigahertz. Carefully chosen materials perform a very effective filter for all high frequency distortions. The unwanted high frequency signals, which ride on top of the clean sinoidal AC line, will be simply transformed to harmless heat.

The widely feared dynamic loss during the music reproduction, caused by many filter techniques, is simply not existent. Also the high coverage of the shielding protects the current leading conductors from new high frequency interferences. As a result, there is an exceptionally gain in your music reproduction, the music becomes more details, improved transparencies and sounds more clean.

A major factor influencing cable performance is total resistance, this gives the simple conclusion: Less resistance has les of an effect. Therefore, we assure that the very low total resistance of the conductors will cause no limitations in current flow. Even if the “Performance” AC power cord is connected to a big A-class power amplifier, there is no trace of any loss in dynamics. The bass in your music is reproduced powerful and very precise.

The supreme tonal qualities of the “Performance“ AC power cord are not simply a result of some individual outstanding features. Only the harmonic correlation of many individual terms makes this AC power cord really superior. Only the highest standard in the field of productivity keep all good material properties at always the same high level. Our strict quality management guarantees that all the exceptional material qualities come always fully into validity.

“Performance” AC power cords are made in four different types.
The Performance – 1 is fitted with one suppressing element. The Performance – 3 is equipped with three suppressing elements. Every one of the suppressing elements is loaded with different core material for broadband high frequency damping. The Performance – 5 and Performance - 7 is preferably used for very high-grade audio equipment. Its five or seven adapted suppressing elements show all the undisclosed reserves, contained in any high-resolution audio equipment.

The “Performance” AC power cords distinguish through the number of integrated suppressing elements. We make use of different core material within the suppressing elements. This lead to a precisely defined damping over the entire radio frequency band. The expenditure and pass-precise fixing of the suppressing elements onto the cord secure the long-term stability and a maximum filtering effect.

With the “Performance” AC power cord you purchase an excellent link between your power source and any audio component. The very effective suppressing elements in combinations with the good shielding and the use of high-grade materials are the “building stones” for this first-class power cord. The sonic character of this AC power cord is rather warm, at the same time the sound gains in all other terms. Especially the Performance – 3 is an excellent sounding AC power link. At the bottom end it delivers a tight and powerful bass. The midrange improvements are remarkable, the music comes smooth and in a lifelike manner, while the most minute details at the upper end are revealed with high accuracy. The music comes back to life again. All this is the benefit of this innovative AC power cord, constructed and made exclusively by FISCH Audiotechnik in Germany.

To fit exactly your demand, the “Performance” AC power cords come in different makes. All versions are available in different lengths up to 1.0 meters (the standard length are 1.5 meter). That makes it easy to get exactly the most suitable AC power cord for your need.

Power cord details: 3 x 2.5 mm² copper stranded wire, braided shield, outer diameter 13 mm

For add. charge it's possible to assembled all Performance power cords with OYAIDE connectors.

FISCH´s Performance power cords are available as IEC320/C19 version for 16/20A (USA).

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